Chin Rest Fittings for Violinists and Violists

Violinists and violists often twist their bodies into unsustainable positions just in the act of holding their instrument. Changing chin rests and/or shoulder rests can be a crucial step in finding greater comfort and ease at the instrument. Even more importantly, players need to develop strategies for becoming aware of and beginning to change the habits that have grown around poorly fitting chin rests and shoulder rests. 

I offer chin rest fittings as part of Alexander Technique lessons for violinists and violists. During lessons, players are given the opportunity to try out a variety of chin rest designs, including Randy Olson's Wave chin rest, the Kreddle, Gary Frisch and Lynne Denig's chin rest fitting kit, and the SAS chin rest. Chin rests are available on loan to those students taking regular lessons.

If you are a violinist or violist interested in changing your set up, schedule a first Alexander Technique lesson, and we will look at your set up and how it might need to change over a course of lessons.