Andrew Talks All Things Alexander with Audrey Q. Snyder on her Podcast AudPod


Listen to my conversation with Audrey Q. Snyder on her podcast, AudPod, about life as a musician and Alexander Technique teacher. We talk about how I start studying the Alexander Technique, how it changed my violin playing, and a little bit about what lessons are like. Along the way we look at how the Alexander Technique compares to psychotherapy, why pain and anxiety are such taboo subjects in music, and why you shouldn't take a seven-year-old to a convention of exotic kitten breeds.

Audrey Q. Snyder is a dynamite cellist, active in the theater scene in Chicago, new music advocate, and a songwriter in her own right. You can learn more about her on her website, including dates for her upcoming performances.

AudPod features "conversations between Audrey and cool Chicagoans doing cool things in music. Performers, composers, educators and more share how they're making their musical community a more colorful and exciting place."

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