Alexander Technique Starter Packs

Alexander Technique lessons address the movement and posture habits that contribute to your pain and discomfort, but habits that are hard to change. The best way to start this process of change is to study intensively.

An intensive set of lessons is especially recommended if you are coping with chronic pain.

Starter packs are available in sets of 6 lessons scheduled over two weeks or 12 lessons scheduled over four weeks. To inquire about scheduling a starter pack, email

Why Study the Alexander Technique Intensively?

Movement learning of all kinds requires daily practice and application—whether in the performing arts, athletics, or martial arts. The skills developed through Alexander Technique lessons address the very foundation of your coordination and function at the highly refined level of personal self-perception, awareness, and intention.

The Alexander Technique is also used to address pain problems that have usually developed over months if not years. Alexander Technique lessons can often address pain problems remarkable quickly. But it takes real understanding for the student to develop true autonomy—not just experience relief with the assistance of their teacher, but be able to sustain that change on their own.

Most students of the Alexander Technique will take 20 to 30 lessons, if not more, over their course of study. They will get much more out of their study if they schedule a group of those lessons intensively in the beginning. 

The Alexander Technique has been taught for more than a hundred years. Over much of that time Alexander lessons were only available intensively. F.M. Alexander, who developed the Technique first in Australia and then in London between 1895 and 1955, gave a course of daily lessons, five days a week for a month. It was a finite, intensive experience of change. 

In our contemporary world, where time is at such a premium, such a daily commitment is hard to maintain. But real change doesn't care if we're busy. Change requires clarity of awareness and intention and regular practice.  

Lessons In Brief

Lessons are 45 minutes to an hour long and take place in my Andersonville, Chicago, studio.

Lessons include highly individualize instruction tailored to your movement habits and conditions. Lessons will teach you to bring construction attention to how your moving, find greater ease to your posture, and guided movement and constructive rest to give you a new experience of your moving self. Lessons also involve activity work—in which you learn to apply the Technique to a specific activity (such as playing an instrument, public speaking, or working at a computer).