Chicago Alexander Teachers is a website that provides a listing of AmSAT-certified teachers based in the greater Chicagoland area.

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT): AmSAT is the professional society for the Alexander Technique in the United States. AmSAT certified teachers complete a three-year (1600 hour) training.

The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT—UK): STAT is the oldest professional society for the Alexander Technique: founded in 1958 in the United Kingdom. STAT maintains a list of recent and on-going scientific research about the Alexander Technique.

Steven Shaw and the Art of Swimming: Steven Shaw is an Alexander Technique teacher who has developed an innovative approach to teaching swimming. His workshops are appropriate for everyone from experienced swimmers to those who are afraid of the water. He is based in the U.K., but makes occasional visits to the U.S.

The Body Learning Podcast: Body Learning is Robert Rickover's podcast in which he talks to teachers and students of the Alexander Technique about why they study the Technique, the benefits of the Technique, and how it can be applied to a variety of activities. 

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique: An exhaustive resource on the Alexander Technique maintained by Robert Rickover, with introductory essays on the Alexander Technique, help in finding a teacher in your area, and links to Alexander-related sites around the world.