Chin Rest Fittings for Violinists and Violists

I offer chin rest fittings as part of Alexander Technique lessons for violinists and violists.

For violinists and violists, changing their set up while also taking Alexander Technique lessons can be a powerful combination. 

Upper string players often twist their bodies in unsustainable positions while holding their instruments.

Through Alexander Technique lessons, players become more aware of their habits of holding the instrument and develop strategies for changing those habits. 

It is much easier to change poor habits of holding the violin or viola if time is taken to make sure that the player's chin rest is the correct height and fits their jaw type.

During lessons, players are given the opportunity to try out a variety of chin rest designs, including Randy Olson's Wave chin rest, the Kreddle, Gary Frisch and Lynne Denig's chin rest fitting kit, and the SAS chin rest. Chin rests are available on loan to those students taking regular lessons.

I'm also available for chin rest consultations about a players set up. These consultations include a postural analysis of the player with and without the instrument, a brief introduction to the Alexander Technique and how it applies to holding the violin or viola, and time to try out different chin rests. Consultations are priced the same as an individual Alexander lesson. Individual consultations may be more appropriate for younger players, who haven't developed strong habits that might require regular Alexander lessons.

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